Making a submission for a human research proposal

This page provides an Application Form and information on how to submit a human research proposal to the Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee ('the Committee') for review.

Page last updated: 12 May 2017

The following Application Form has been designed to specifically meet the purposes of the Committee. Please complete all fields of the Application Form and indicate if a section does not apply to your research with n/a.

Disclaimer: The documents on this page may not be accessible. If you need help please contact the Committee Secretariat.

Material submitted in support of an application is to be limited to information which is both essential and relevant. This information will assist the Committee in determining the extent to which the proposed research conforms to the requirements of the National Statement . Only information pertinent to ethical considerations of the research should be provided. The Committee does not conduct ethics review on the basis of material produced for purposes such as grant or funding applications.

The Committee requires copies of all material relevant to the proposed research (eg survey tools or questionnaires, discussion outlines/question lists for all interviews, focus groups where applicable, consent forms, patient information documentation etc). All participant information is to be conveyed in plain English that is easily understood by a young adult.

Examples of the consent forms and plain language statement can be located at Attachment B of the Application Form.

The Committee also accepts research applications using the NHMRC Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) form.

The Committee still accepts research applications using the NHMRC National Ethics Application Form (NEAF). The NEAF is now only available through the Online Forms website.

Consideration of your project

The Committee Secretariat will contact you approximately ten working days after the meeting with the consideration of your project. The Committee may require further clarification on the research methodology, modifications or additional information and in some cases a face-to-face meeting or teleconference with the Principal/Senior Researcher. This part of the process, for the majority of research applications, will be conducted out-of-session.

Applicants are required to submit a maximum of two documents for consideration to the Committee Secretariat This will include a signed copy of the Application Form (PDF) and any additional attachments as one complete second document (PDF). The additional attachments should be limited to essential information only with each section clearly identified. The total length of the attachment should be no longer than 50 pages.