Health topic quickview: Cancer

A collection of Cancer-related information in the Health website.

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A quickview of health information

Health Program Grants (HPG)

03 February 2017

The ROHPG Scheme offers funding to approved providers for eligible high-cost equipment used in the delivery of radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy under Medicare

22 February 2016

This page provides information on many aspects of radiation therapy for health professionals and consumers

Radiation Oncology Careers

04 February 2014

The page provides information about careers in radiation therapy.

Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Services

03 February 2014

This page provides access to information about radiation therapy services including accommodation and travel schemes, facility locations and treatment options.


06 June 2011

A brief overview of the definition and prevalence of cancer, with links to additional information about cancer statistics, control, programs and publications.